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Protection-oriented product strategies lead to continued embedded value growth for life insurers, despite challenges

By Chihong An, Stephen H. Conwill, Michael Daly, Richard W. Holloway, Wen Yee Lee, Paul Sinnott, and Wing F. Wong
13 September 2019

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Chihong An

Seoul Tel: 8 22 32762500

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Stephen H. Conwill

Tokyo Tel: 81 3 52117031

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Michael Daly

Hong Kong Tel: 852 2152 3138

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Richard W. Holloway

Singapore Tel: 65 6327 2301

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Wen Yee Lee

Singapore Tel: 65 6327 2302

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Paul Sinnott

Wing F. Wong

Taipei Tel: 886 2 87800701

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