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White paper

Impact of rising interest rates globally: A blessing or a curse for the solvency position?

By Aatman Dattani, Josh Dobiac, Daniel Sharon, Lotte van Delft, David Harris, Stijn Donckers, Ed Morgan, Takanori Hoshino, and Joost Broens
09 October 2023

About the Author(s)

Aatman Dattani

Seattle Tel: 1 206 504 5705

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Josh Dobiac

Daniel Sharon

Tel Aviv Tel: 97 250 2036831

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Lotte van Delft

Amsterdam Tel: 31686895968

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David Harris

Tel Aviv

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Stijn Donckers

Amsterdam Tel: 31686895982

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Ed Morgan

Takanori Hoshino

Tokyo Tel: 81 3 5211 7031

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Joost Broens

Amsterdam Tel: 31659820088

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