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Underwriting and operations

Insurers, reinsurers, self-insured groups, investors and investment banks, attorneys, and government agencies turn to Milliman’s underwriting and operational services to evaluate, measure, and manage their risks.

We understand insurance and reinsurance

Our underwriting consultants have decades of firsthand experience as technical underwriters, risk experts, managers, and executives, and relate to the needs of our clients. We employ a rigorous approach, pursue practical solutions, and quantify the financial as well as operational effects of our recommendations.

We focus on the fundamentals of the client’s business:

  • How have underwriting and related operations (i.e., pricing, distribution/agency management, risk control, premium audit, etc.) contributed to trends in business production, retention, loss ratio and combined ratio?
  • Are underwriting policies, practices, and controls in synch with business strategies? Is there a well-executed plan in place to capture the right data and evaluate risk exposures and propensity to loss? What improvements will enable you to write profitable business or improve your competitive position?
  • Does proper underwriting due diligence precede individual risk selection and pricing? Are selected risks average or above average for the class and priced in relation to expected losses?
  • How can you measure improvements made in operations and in the book of business - before actual underwriting results are available?
  • Are reinsurance programs properly designed and managed? Do insurance programs, policies, or operations have any “black holes”? How can you improve management of overall risk and ensure that it is cost effective?
  • Is your staff organised and prepared to address the challenges? Are roles well defined and staff properly defined?

We tailor our services for each client

Each client’s needs are different. Our clients hire us because we customise our work to their unique situations. In our findings and recommendations we consider the company’s internal operations as well as the market and regulatory environment in which it operates.

One client wanted to expand its book of business. Before fully committing itself to an expansion strategy, however, the company wanted to ensure that it was using the best available underwriting practices, processes, and tools to maximise its positioning in a competitive marketplace. Milliman assembled a team of experienced individuals to review the company's products and operations and identify opportunities for improvement. The client was able to execute its business plan with confidence.

We’re here to help

Ask the tough questions. We’re ready for them.

We’re here to help

Ask the tough questions. We’re ready for them.

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