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Healthcare risk adjustment


Effective EDGE server management requires the frustrating task of wading through mountains of rules, technical specifications, and CMS webinars and slide decks, all while presuming your interpretation of the information is correct and you are fully conforming to the requirements. And now, the financial consequences for inaccurate or incomplete data are real and potentially material.

EDGE ASSIST is Milliman's end-to-end managed service solution—from data ingestion and manipulation to the final submission and everything in between. We understand the importance of transparency in such a complex and detailed process. Our workflow hinges on several key pillars that ensure accuracy in the submissions and completeness of member risk scores. These comprehensive, transparent, and flexible processes set us apart from typical EDGE vendors.

Healthcare Data Analytics Benefits Consulting Experience
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Milliman has the expertise to maintain your EDGE server, including contracting, configuring, acquiring CMS provisioning software, and registering. Upon successful completion of data processing and reconciliation, we will complete the submission process by properly transforming the data and loading it into the EDGE production environment.


Continuous process

We have a continuous process for reviewing and reconciling EDGE submissions and will work with you to ensure each submission passes our daily quality standards. We will also help you track your data over time and identify patterns, before your data reaches EDGE, to uncover signals of systemic weaknesses in your overall data management process.



Additionally, Milliman brings clarity to error reports through precise summaries of these errors paired with direct action items as part of a larger strategic plan for correcting errors and improving data quality. We can identify the errors offering the most potential risk score value to help your team effectively deploy and allocate resources.

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