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Potential data sources for life insurance AI modelling

By Bartosz Gaweda, Christoph Krischanitz, Rémi Bellina, Jeff Anderson, Joe Long, Noriyuki Kogo, Saiki Justin Makino, and Scott Chow
22 April 2022

About the Author(s)

Bartosz Gaweda


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Christoph Krischanitz

Rémi Bellina

Paris Tel: 33 1 42991560

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Jeff Anderson

Minneapolis Tel: 1 952 820 2476

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Joe Long

Minneapolis Tel: 1 952 820 3113

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Noriyuki Kogo

Tokyo Tel: 81 3 5211 7040

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Saiki Justin Makino

Scott Chow

Hong Kong Tel: 852 2152 3801

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