Staffing and support

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Milliman clients know that if they lack sufficient personnel or do not have the capacity to handle a project, they can count on our consultants to step in, knowing they don’t have to worry about quality or deliverables.

Our size and scope gives clients access to consultants with a breadth of knowledge across many facets of healthcare including actuarial, IT, underwriting, and clinical expertise. Whether you need services three days a week for six weeks or daily for a year, our consultants can meet your scheduling requirements.

Milliman on site, nationally

Geography is no barrier in providing short-term staffing support. When a large California-based health plan needed help validating data to be used by a new rating system, Milliman consultants from the across the United States came and worked at the client’s location. We worked with the plan’s staff to develop validation tests on the membership, premium, claims, benefits, and risk scores pulled from various systems to ensure quality data.

We also managed a diverse team on a complex project to implement end-to-end validation and improved the overall quality of the six-month project. The validation tests our consultants developed continue to be used today.

Client example: directing and training

A midsized Blues plan in the South had actuarial students but few actuaries at the management level. Milliman consultants served as temporary directors to manage projects on pricing, reserving, reporting, and setting peer review standards—and also trained the client’s actuarial students.

Whatever your requirements, Milliman has the diversity of experts and the flexibility to meet them.

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