Medical management outsourcing

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Milliman offers outsourcing for a variety of medical management services throughout Europe. Utilising our outsourced professionals enables insurers to reduce the administrative responsibilities of their medically trained staff so they can spend more time providing valuable services to plan participants. Our outsourcing solution also means that more medical management services can be provided by trained clinical personnel, who are often difficult and expensive to recruit in Europe.

The staff at Milliman Screening Services consists of highly skilled healthcare professionals in India, including doctors, nurses, and other medically trained personnel. The outsourced team is fully equipped to handle utilisation management tasks that would cost far more if executed in Europe. Our inpatient hospital screening services include admission review, concurrent review, bill auditing, and retrospective review.

Milliman expertise at lower cost

Milliman ensures our Indian outsourcing team embodies the high ethical standards that characterise all Milliman consultants. We thoroughly train our Indian screening team to achieve a high quality of work. Our comprehensive education program encompasses insurer methods, healthcare systems, and utilisation management techniques. All personnel have passed a background check and completed language training, enabling them to write and speak fluently in the language desired.

Our clinicians receive data from providers, then organise and interpret it. Next, they use a secure data entry system to record the information into the client's own medical or claims management system. Our team has created a superior data-management system that offers full privacy protection and data safety. The documentation created is detailed and delivered in the formats needed for auditors.

The outsourcing team also benchmarks the data against the appropriate medical policies and clinical guidelines as required.  We can tailor the service to fulfill an insurer’s specific needs, processes, and data systems.

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