Mass torts

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As insurers, reinsurers, and self-insured companies realize the significant potential of mass tort claims, many turn to Milliman for the insight and experience necessary to understand and quantify these liabilities. Our independence and experience bring a level of clarity unavailable from in-house resources. Over the past 25 years, Milliman has assisted more than 100 companies—ranging from the world’s largest insurance and reinsurance providers to bankruptcy trusts to manufacturers and many others—in quantifying mass tort liabilities.

Mass tort actions are familiar territory for our consultants

Milliman’s clients benefit from the diverse background of our team of consultants, which includes experts in actuarial reserving, claims management, underwriting, and legal and coverage issues.

We assist our clients, which range in size from small self-insureds to Fortune 500 companies, by:

  • analyzing liabilities using robust and dynamic actuarial models specifically designed for asbestos, pollution, methyl tertiary-butyl ether (MTBE), lead, mold, medical devices, pharmaceutical, and other health hazard exposures
  • estimating individual case reserves and identifying and quantifying issues specific to mass tort claim reserving
  • analyzing insurance policies and evaluating the effects of potential coverage issues on mass tort reserves
  • providing insight on the litigation processes surrounding mass tort claims and the effects of the legislative and judicial environments on reserves
  • consulting on product liability exposures

We work closely with our clients to identify and incorporate underwriting, claims, financial, and actuarial issues that are unique to their potential mass tort exposure. We blend our knowledge of industry experience with our understanding of the facts and issues specific to the client, which results in a comprehensive analysis tailored to the client’s situation.