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With experience in managing one of the largest derivatives positions in the insurance industry, Milliman's hedging-services team is able to offer clients substantial advantages. These advantages include pricing from dealers that recognizes our scale as well as extraordinary breadth in dealer and instrument coverage.

We have assembled an exceptional group of traders, quantitative finance experts, capital markets specialists, risk managers, actuaries, operations specialists and technologists to deliver the skills and expertise of a leading capital markets firm.

We are skilled users of Milliman’s market-leading MG-Hedge® software and enable our clients to employ the most sophisticated hedging techniques from the very first day of their programs. Furthermore, we evolve our methods to continually work at the forefront of best practices.

Milliman’s hedging team is immersed in the derivatives markets all day, every day, gaining insight into value and sharpening our focus on risk management. We are distinguished by our adherence to Milliman’s principles of independence, and as a consequence do not trade a proprietary book. More broadly, we strive to tightly align our incentives with our clients’ objectives.

Our services include:

  • derivatives execution
  • operations support
  • performance attribution

Results—rapid program launch, better risk control, reduced costs

Milliman has a successful record of supporting some of the biggest and most complex dynamic hedging programs in the industry. We have enabled numerous clients to rapidly roll out and manage risk in today’s increasingly sophisticated insurance products. We also have used our hedging acumen to manage turnarounds in major programs for which we have taken responsibility.

US contacts

Ken Mungan
FRM Practice Leader
Chicago, Ill.

Ram Kelkar
Life Insurance & Pension Risk Management
Chicago, Ill.

Sam Nandi
Chicago, Ill.

International contacts

Rikyo Ino
Principal, Senior consultant

Wade Matterson
FRM Practice Leader

Neil Dissanayake
Head of European Trading
United Kingdom