Milliman Actuarial Retirement Calculator (MARC) — Advantages

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Milliman Actuarial Retirement Calculator™ (MARC™) is a powerful yet cost-effective tool for pension plan administrators that offers many advantages. MARC is the product of decades of continuous development and refinement based on Milliman's expertise, real-world testing, and customer input. MARC 5, the current version of MARC, offers additional features and enhanced flexibility.

Multiple capabilities in a scalable program

MARC offers scalable capabilities in a single program. MARC can store an unlimited number of defined benefit pension plans and an unlimited number of participants. It can deliver single or batch-run reports from benefit estimates to final calculations. MARC can be installed for a single user or serve multiple users from a client's server or be accessed through a secure Internet connection. Because of this built-in flexibility, plans of any size can cost-effectively utilize MARC's capabilities.

Pricing based on customer needs

MARC is an affordable yet highly proficient option. The price for a MARC installation is based on the types and quantity of plans being incorporated, the number of participants in each plan, and the customizations you may require. MARC's price is comprised of a one-time installation fee, an annual license fee, and any fees required for customizations to MARC screens, features, or reports.

Clear interface, in-depth documentation

MARC is an easy-to-use, point-and-click software application that is simple to maintain and update. MARC's in-depth help system explains every field on every form. Integration of employee data and reports has been enhanced to allow a seamless workflow for the administrator.

Flexible administration

Employers can install MARC in-house with the option to later outsource the administration to Milliman. Our websites include a site where plan sponsors who choose to turn over plan administration to Milliman consultants can track outsourcing activity. MARC is the pension administration system used for many of Milliman's pension outsourcing clients.

Milliman expertise and support

MARC offers the full weight of Milliman's unparalleled expertise and commitment to service. MARC is continually supported and enhanced by a team of highly experienced Milliman actuaries, retirement plan consultants, and systems analysts.

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