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Milliman HealthcareEDU™ is an e-learning platform that delivers on-demand, self-directed education on essential healthcare topics. The U.S. healthcare system is complex and constantly changing. The effects of these changes can impact your organization’s decision-making and operations on a daily basis. Milliman HealthcareEDU allows you to empower your employees with the knowledge necessary to navigate this evolving landscape.

Milliman HealthcareEDU offers e-learning materials to educate your employees on pressing healthcare topics. The course content offers both the breadth and depth necessary to meet your organization’s educational needs. Course topics range from the fundamental interactions between healthcare stakeholders to the complexities of reform legislation or government program administration.

Today’s pressing healthcare issues impact both your customers and how your team interacts with them. Although there is substantial information available about the current state and evolution of the healthcare landscape, employees’ understanding of these topics can differ widely. That gap in knowledge can impact your business. Equipping your employees with the right information can give them the tools to facilitate more solid connections with customers and to offer those customers the solutions they need.

Developed by experts

Our courses harness the deep expertise of our consultants and thought leaders. Milliman is a leader in healthcare reform consulting, working with employers, insurance carriers, exchanges and regulators to partner in solution development. We serve health plans, accountable care organizations (ACOs), plan sponsors, state and federal government agencies, health systems, providers, and pharmaceutical companies. We are known for our comprehensive knowledge of the industries we serve and our independence in analysis. Every Milliman HealthcareEDU course is developed with consultants recognized as subject matter experts.

Designed for the learner

Our courses offer an excellent learning experience. Every course pairs engaging content with active scenarios to test the learner’s comprehension of key topics. Because work can be hectic, our courses are specifically designed to allow learners to integrate short course elements into the rhythms of their daily work schedule, learning when and where it works for them.

Milliman HealthcareEDU also offers useful tools for managers, with a user-friendly interface that minimizes training time to roll out courses to your employees. Managers can also track employees’ progress throughout the courses with real-time reporting.

Deliberately flexible

We know each organization has unique needs. In addition to off-the-shelf courses, we can develop custom courses for our clients. Milliman HealthcareEDU also offers flexibility in course delivery. Our courses are delivered to learners through Milliman’s Learning Management System (LMS); however, we can also integrate our courses within your existing LMS or even integrate your other courses into Milliman’s LMS.

Learn more

Contact us at for a demonstration or for more information on existing and custom courses.

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