Milliman Actuarial Retirement Calculator (MARC)

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Milliman Actuarial Retirement Calculator™ (MARC™), our powerful yet flexible pension administration system, smoothly performs the tasks required for accurate and efficient administration of defined benefit and cash balance plans. Technically advanced and exceptionally cost-effective, MARC is one of the industry's leading retirement planning and communication tools.

Easy to use and proven

Users navigate effortlessly through MARC's streamlined, intuitive user interface. Its powerful import/export capabilities make it easy to quickly move large amounts of data into and out of the system. The system can perform final benefit calculations, prepare election forms and notices, produce annual benefit statements, create pension estimates, provide actuarial valuation data, and much more.

MARC was developed in 1991 and is continually enhanced and supported by a team of highly experienced Milliman actuaries, retirement plan consultants, and systems analysts.

Employee communication—fast and easily accessible

MARC increases employees' understanding and appreciation of your company's overall retirement program by quickly relaying retirement plan information to participants, either in print or online.

The system offers a comprehensive participant website where employees can include their 401(k) balances, Social Security benefits, and even their personal retirement accounts in order to see a retirement picture at a glance. They also can run "what-if" scenarios to see how their retirement choices might affect future benefits.

Client finds MARC more efficient, reliable

Prior to using MARC, one client was using an in-house system that was so unreliable, most calculations had to be done by hand.

"Now our staff is so confident with the system that a simple review for reasonableness is usually sufficient," this client says. "We are smashing all of the service standards that we used to only dream of meeting."

For a product demonstration or to learn more about MARC, contact your local Milliman consultant or Kevin Hart.

Milliman Hangout: Milliman Actuarial Retirement Calculator™ (MARC™)

In this video, Milliman’s Kevin Hicks explains some of MARC’s benefits and showcases its participant website.


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