Healthcare Reform Dashboard

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The Milliman Healthcare Reform (HCR) Dashboard helps carriers, brokers, and advisors provide small and mid-size employers with essential analysis needed for ensuring compliance and plan affordability under the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

The ACA will introduce significant changes to the commercial health insurance landscape, requiring employers to quantify the shifting cost impacts for their plans. Carriers, brokers, and advisors can rely on the Milliman HCR Dashboard to provide their small and mid-size clients with key analytics, helping those customers understand the financial implications of the law. The HCR Dashboard, designed for companies serving organizations with 500 or fewer employees, helps service providers develop strategic solutions to optimize their clients’ benefit spending, as well as providing consolidated summaries of projected health-care-reform impacts.

Carriers, brokers and advisors can use the HCR Dashboard to provide unlimited scenarios for their customers. The underlying assumptions in the calculations are supported by proprietary methodologies and resources, such as Milliman’s Health Cost Guidelines. By entering varying data sets into the model and presenting different scenarios, customers will realize potential outcomes they face with the ACA and be able to make informed choices.

Delivering critical information needed under the ACA

The HCR Dashboard helps users better manage their customers' health plans. Functionality includes:

  • Compliance. Conduct an assessment of whether plan design is compliant with ACA requirements for actuarial value, deductible level, and out-of-pocket maximum.
  • Financial impact. Determine the effect of terminating plan, on a pre-tax and post-tax basis, with and without salary adjustment.
  • Eligibility for ACA provisions. Assess potential eligibility for items such as the small group tax credit, employee eligibility for subsidized exchange or Medicaid coverage, and other features of the ACA.
  • Self-funding assessments. Conduct preliminary analyses to assess the financial risk of changing to a self-funded program.
  • Excise “Cadillac” tax risk. Determine how likely a large group is to pay the excise tax.

Estimates of key results

In-depth databases and modeling produces estimates of key metrics such as:

  • Employee household income distribution by key ACA Federal Poverty Level tiers.
  • Employee premium and cost sharing under the employer’s plan relative to silver or bronze plans in the exchange (including applicable cost-sharing subsidies).
  • Impact of adjusted community rating reflective of the employer’s state and insurance carrier for small employers.
  • Number of employees with unaffordable coverage based on employee income or estimated household income.
  • Salary increases by employee household income level to make employees whole for losing coverage.

Getting started

Please contact us to learn about how deploying the Milliman HCR Dashboard will help you serve the needs your small and mid-size customers.

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