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Streamline your reserve process with our complete solution for property and casualty loss reserve analysis.

All the reserving tools you need are now combined into a single, comprehensive solution for efficient loss analysis. Arius® pairs our proven reserve methods with advanced models and cutting edge technology to provide a complete picture of your reserve risk.

The Arius toolset improves loss estimates and reserve analysis and allows you to: 

  • See beyond traditional reserve point estimates.
  • Review more of your business, more often, more efficiently, and more reliably.
  • Provide better management information for more informed business decisions.
  • Allocate capital among lines of business and profit centers.
  • Evaluate future investment opportunities.

Arius is easy to use, reliable, flexible, and supported by our team of experienced professionals. 

Empowering better business decisions

Arius combines traditional deterministic reserving methods with numerous stochastic models, providing not just data summaries but real, actionable information. The system’s extensive exhibits and reports are designed to be meaningful to both senior management and actuarial analysts. Clear model results help you understand–and explain to others–the range of potential outcomes as well as the likelihood of each.

Arius is designed to work the way you work. The system’s entire work flow can be configured to support existing processes, from basic triangles to the final report. Or if you are looking for the opportunity to improve your current process, Arius provides an approach that can help with that as well.

This customization does not come at the expense of reliability. Arius controls the flow of all information, so its results are reliable. All links and calculations are extensively tested, significantly reducing the detailed review that is essential in any Excel-based process.

We have designed Arius to support current and future regulatory requirements, including ORSA and IFRS reporting. In addition, the system’s stochastic models can project on a one-year time horizon to address reporting for Solvency II.

Continually improving

We get most of our best ideas from our many clients who rely on Arius every day. We recently updated the system with a number of new capabilities. Some examples include extensive actual versus expected reporting for more efficient analysis; enhanced graphing options for better reporting to stakeholders; more flexible use of historical data in projecting future estimates; and the ability to easily share your custom exhibits across multiple files, giving you even more customizable analyses not found in any similar toolset.

Get started

Visit to learn more about Arius’ methods, models, and technical specifications and to see how Arius can add efficiency and reliability to your analysis process.  

Next Steps

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