Risk technologies

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Milliman's unique governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) platform is customizable and enables organizations to view and analyze their full spectrum of business risks in one place.

Our GRC platform can integrate business processes for ERM, compliance, supply chain risk, counterparty credit risk, sustainability, crisis management, and internal audit.

Organizations can also link their risks to key performance indicators (KPIs) and assess or create KPI executive dashboards to provide a balanced scorecard view of actual results and variation compared to key goals.

In addition, key risk indicators can be assessed in conjunction with your organization's limits and thresholds, and our tool can assist in providing visibility and early warning indicators to improve certainty around the operating plan.

Applying the GRC platform, Milliman can help you to design new GRC, ERM, and operational risk processes to add real business value to your company, or to raise the maturity level of current enterprise-wide risk management processes.


Enterprise risks cannot be understood by simply aggregating a view of risk components. Our approach is to study the whole, applying CRisALIS™—Complexity-based Risk Analysis.

Milliman's CRisALIS methods are the result of extensive research in collaboration with academics to deliver practical, insightful, and scientific methods for identifying, assessing, and managing risks the way they really are.

CRisALIS tools identify unknown, emerging risks and help you make sense of how they affect performance. A complement to our GRC capabilities, CRisALIS delivers actionable information, based on your organization's specific risk profile, to capture new opportunities or mitigate threats to your corporate strategy.

Based on a robust and repeatable methodology, CRisALIS has been shown to provide a communication platform acceptable to rating agencies and regulators.