Litigation support

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Our actuaries and insurance industry experts provide sophisticated actuarial and statistical analysis and economics consulting. We provide expert testimony in trials and participate in the determination and evaluation of potential settlement alternatives. We prepare our clients for settlements, litigation, and rate regulatory hearings.

Counsel can expect transparency and clarity when our consultants provide and interpret data for those deciding litigation outcomes for healthcare and insurance litigation.

We help insurance companies, reinsurance companies, law firms, healthcare organizations, and others to reduce the uncertainties of litigation, thereby lowering costs. Milliman experts can:

  • Brief attorneys on insurance industry issues and standard practices
  • Quantify damage exposures if liability were established
  • Build actuarial models to set a value on possible settlement
  • Design sophisticated samples that pinpoint our client’s issues and save valuable time and resources
  • Streamline claims evaluation and document recovery services

Healthcare litigation support

Our broad healthcare experience from many perspectives informs the work we do for attorneys. Milliman consultants contribute to cases concerning provider-payer contracts, regulatory reporting, pricing audits, malpractice, clinical scenarios, denied claims, claims disputes, and many other issues.

Milliman also supports litigation regarding disability claims, reasonable medical charges, divorce agreements, and other disputes that require authoritative financial analyses. Our consultants have the depth and breadth of experience to develop solid approaches to these analyses and the insight to recognize approaches that might be used by opposing witnesses.

Milliman consultants are expert in assisting mutual, Blue Cross, and Blue Shield companies to make the change to stockholder ownership. A long history of working on these transactions with a variety of clients has prepared us to communicate to a judge, jury, or arbiter so that each can understand the complicated issues involved. We give testimony that provides laypeople with a better understanding of the facts.

Insurance litigation support

Milliman economics consultants offer expertise for insurance companies in rate regulatory hearings through in-depth financial analyses, estimations of cost of capital, determination of target returns, and evaluations of capital allocations to reflect risk. We represent our clients' views using sound interpretations of substantiated financial analysis, always striving to meet the highest standards for accuracy.

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