Healthcare reform consulting

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In 2009, when the American healthcare reform conversation began in earnest, Milliman was already several years into an effort to better understand American healthcare reform. We had invested millions of dollars in research and developed models and methodologies that could study vast changes to the current system. At that time, we recognized that there were certain ideas that might have been controversial before but that are now anticipated to be part of the solution. Value-based pricing. Prevention. Managed care. Evidence-based medicine. A move away from fee-for-service. Improved transparency, especially around costs. Electronic health records. Consumerism.

Now health insurers, employers, providers, and the government are implementing change on a widespread basis. As the largest healthcare actuarial consulting firm, Milliman has assisted a wide variety of clients with understanding and implementing these changes, and assists employers with quantifying the potential costs for various provisions of the Affordable Care Act.

Known for their technical acuity and comprehensive knowledge of the healthcare industry, our consultants offer independent and trusted analysis. From state exchanges and ACOs to the Medicaid expansion and rating reform, they help clients navigate the waters of healthcare reform.

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