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Milliman offers participants access to PlanAhead™, a unique suite of services and proprietary tools to help each person individually understand and fully utilize the retirement program offered by his or her employer. In addition, PlanAhead helps to provide insight into what they need to do on their own to adequately prepare for retirement. From personal encounters conducted face to face or via telephone, to targeted messages delivered electronically or mailed to participant homes, to on-line tools, videos, web casts or tutorials, Milliman’s PlanAhead suite makes retirement readiness up close and personal for each participant.

One of the offerings within the suite is PlanAhead for Retirement®, a personalized retirement planning tool that allows retirement plan participants to understand their retirement picture at a glance. The tool allows participants to:

  • Consolidate retirement and financial information from all sources (personal savings, benefits from former employers, defined benefit plans, spouse benefit and saving information, Social Security, etc.)
  • Determine any shortfall/surplus on expected monthly income at retirement
  • Interact with different savings scenarios and investment strategies to better understand options and make tactical changes that will improve retirement outcomes

PlanAhead for Retirement is an engine that powers the next generation of retirement preparedness. As more and more people rely on defined contribution plans as a retirement planning pillar, there is growing need for long-term visibility into savings and a holistic view of an individual or family’s retirement portfolio. The tool is unique for its ease of use, robust underlying technology, comprehensive view of all financial instruments, and interactive interface that allows for an inquisitive user experience.

PlanAhead for Retirement does the work for you, aggregating all your financial information in a single glance and highlighting your options so you can make the best decision for your future.

For more information about PlanAhead for Retirement, download our brochure.

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