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MedInsight® is a data warehousing and decision-support tool for medical insurers, employers, and state Medicaid agencies that enables performance reporting across claims, enrollment, and pharmaceutical records. MedInsight combines vital patient information into a single, comprehensive reporting system that can accurately generate performance metrics on demand. By making high-quality data easily accessible, MedInsight empowers evidence-based decision making and strengthens care management.

Cutting-edge technology based on 50 years of experience

MedInsight's design is grounded in a half century of providing actuarial expertise to the healthcare industry. Our system provides robust, financially reconcilable data and analysis tools that incorporate our leading actuarial methodologies. It also includes comprehensive proprietary indexes, such as Milliman Health Cost Guidelines™. Because MedInsight meets the highest standards for data and methods, administrators are able to rely on it to analyze the operational, financial, and clinical aspects of health plans and to target the areas most in need of improvement.

Easy to implement, simple to use

MedInsight is an open architecture system that is customized to work seamlessly with existing management systems so that real-time information can be accessed anytime and anywhere. Its data, analysis, and benchmarks are designed by experts with industry experience—information is clearly presented in formats that make sense. Milliman's healthcare consultants provide post-implementation training and support so that clients can get the full benefit from their data.