MG-ALFA Model Development

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MG-ALFA® is the market-leading financial modeling solution that gives you a competitive advantage today and anticipates the needs of tomorrow. It delivers in all key areas of modeling, including flexibility, control, speed, and capacity. MG-ALFA is developed with innovation, efficiency, and ease of use in mind.

Controlled flexibility

Historically, modeling systems were differentiated by being either closed for complete control or open for complete flexibility. With MG-ALFA, you do not have to choose between flexibility and control. Our unique underlying accounting structure simultaneously maintains calculation integrity while facilitating formula customization. It is a fundamental design difference that permeates the system and delivers confidence in results while allowing actuaries to be innovative in their modeling efforts.

ALM design

One of the key differentiators of MG-ALFA is that it is, and has always been, a robust asset-liability modeling (ALM) platform. MG-ALFA offers complete, dynamic interaction between assets and liabilities during a projection, as well as unlimited model size and impressive processing speed in full ALM mode. With emerging regulations being variations on stochastic ALM modeling, a robust ALM design for your modeling platform is a critical factor for success.

Business benefits

MG-ALFA is developed with a distinctive design that provides the utmost in flexibility while simultaneously protecting the integrity of the actuarial calculations. It offers industry-leading security and control features that help companies comply with regulatory requirements without sacrificing performance.

  • Feature rich – The most robust actuarial modeling software platform available with the broadest set of built-in pricing and financial projection capabilities, supporting a breadth of product features, regulatory requirements, and asset analytics.
  • Flexible – Offering out-of-the-box capabilities so you can implement quickly and maximize value but at the same time giving you the needed flexibility to customize inputs, formulas, and reporting to meet your unique needs.
  • Easy – Advanced, user-friendly interfaces, single-file input and management, flexible reporting, and push-button upgrades equates to time saving as the software is extraordinarily easy to use.
  • Accurate – A full range of audit tools helps companies make critical business decisions with confidence, and the unique underlying accounting structure protects calculation integrity while facilitating modifications.
  • Fast – An innovative design dramatically reduces project start-to-finish time when running complex ALM models. Additionally, MG-ALFA is the industry leader in providing a wide range of options for grid computing to facilitate the increasing demands for stochastic and seriatim analysis.
  • Seamless – Delivers consistency and control, simplifying processes with data, models, and all applications in a single platform.

Related products

As modeling needs evolve under rapidly changing regulations, Milliman is thinking beyond the current state and has an expanded suite of optional components to advance the capabilities of your business.

MG-ALFA Compute for Azure

MG-ALFA Compute for Azure provides MG-ALFA clients with access to the Microsoft Azure cloud for virtually unlimited computing capacity on a variable cost basis. This translates into greatly reduced runtimes, increased capacity for additional analysis, and reduced costs relative to an in-house grid. It is offered as software as a service (SaaS), so it is a turnkey solution that can be implemented in hours and requires little to no IT involvement or maintenance

MG-ALFA Model Development

MG-ALFA Model Development is a unique solution for MG-ALFA customers. It offers a collaborative work environment for model developers to work together simultaneously on model changes. This highly valuable component provides an environment to properly manage model change by providing source control, release management, project management, and a document repository.